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The Ultimate Waterfowlers Challenge is as an organized system for the avid waterfowler to track and document every species of waterfowl they harvest in an attempt to accomplish achieving The North American Waterfowl Grand Slam!

The goal is for each and every UWC Member to harvest all 41 species of waterfowl that inhabit then lands and waters of North America. Along the way each member will achieve certain benchmarks and will receive plaques and trophies for their accomplishments.

There are three certification levels along the way to completing the North American Waterfowl Grand Slam:

1. The Master Waterfowl Hunter Certification at 15 certified birds
(Includes a $100 14 x 17 wall plaque) Click here for details
2. The Master Elite Waterfowl Hunter Certification at 30 certified birds
(Includes a $150 custom wall plaque valued at $150) Click here for details
3. The Grand Master Waterfowl Hunter Certification at 41 certified birds
(Includes Grand Prize King Eider trophy valued at $550) Click here for details

There are two ways to join the UWC Challenge:

Standard Lifetime Membership – Sale Price $99 (Normally $125)
Includes: UWC Hat and T-shirt, UWC Member Certificate, Member Handbook and Waterfowl Hunter ID card. (Note: each waterfowl species registration is $5.00 per bird, to help cover the cost of the plaques and trophies.) Click here for more details

Gold Lifetime Membership – Sale Price $495 (Normally $550)
Includes: Everything listed in the Standard Membership, as well as all waterfowl species submissions for life, a custom UWC Waterfowl Parka, and a laminated UWC Waterfowl ID poster. Click here for more details



don-terrellLast month we featured on one of our youngest active members of The UWC. This month we are taking things to the other extreme and are featuring one of our oldest active members of the UWC- Don Terrell of South Carolina.

Don joined The UWC at age 75, after seeing one of our ads in Wildfowl Magazine. At the time Don was heading up on a trip to Alberta and received his UWC Member Kit within days of leaving for Canada. On that trip Don harvested 3 species of geese and 3 species of ducks- including the elusive Barrows Goldeneye. He was off and running. By the end of his first season as a UWC Member Don had 13 different species under his belt and became one of our fastest growing members.

don-terrellOddly enough Don did not grow up as an active duck hunter. In fact his first experience in the marsh came at age 23 when he joined a couple friends from college out on the Santee Cooper marsh in South Carolina. Don recalled that trip being one of THE WORST duck hunting experiences of his life, as it was freezing cold that day and he fell through the ice and nearly froze to death. By the end of the hunt Don said he sailed one duck out in the middle of the lake and was never even able to retrieve it. It is a wonder he became the duck hunter he is today after that experience.

Fast forward 55 years later and Don has now hunted in 12 different countries and has shot banded ducks in 4 of them, including a Blue-winged Teal in Venezuela that was banded in Manitoba, Canada. Last season Don took the ultimate challenge and booked his hunt to St. Paul Island, Alaska in quest of the Mighty King Eider in the middle of the Bering Sea. Don said although it was quite the challenge to connect on one of the great birds, due to the fact that he just doesn’t have the “sea legs” he once had now at age 77. It was a very rewarding and memorable experience when he finally had his gorgeous drake in hand Don recalls. Don ended by stating that the people he has met across the continent has been the best part of his duck hunting career and he urges all serious waterfowl hunters to Take The UWC Challenge, as there is more to being a well-rounded duck hunter then just being a “Mallard Hunter”.

don-terrellComing up for the 2017 waterfowl hunting season, now being a retired banker and Sporting Traveler agent, Don already has 12 different trips planned in conjunction with knocking off the remaining species on his North American Waterfowl Grand Slam Challenge. He expects to be in the mid 30’s by the end of this year and we are sure it won’t be long after that before Don hoists The UWC Grand Prize King Eider Trophy over his head, at this rate prior to his 80th B-day! Way to go Don, you are an inspiration to us all!



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