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So glad I joined UWC. Didn't do it for the plaque you receive at certain levels although they are really nice. Dan went over and above on those. What UWC has done for me is give me the opportunity to hunt waterfowl that I never would have hunted, to hunt places I never would have hunted, hunt different ways that I never would have hunted, and have met some really great people in the first year. I would recommend this to EVERYONE regardless how good of a waterfowl Hunter they are. THANKS DAN!!!

Greg Carpenter
Member # WF-000-253 (Gold Member)

ryan_scottIn the world of hunting you have The Super Slam of North American Big Game, The Wild Turkey Grand Slam, The Super Ten, and even The Washington State Mini Slam and Hawaiian Grand Slam as well as a few others. As waterfowl hunters we use to just have the hopes of bagging a beautiful banded bird or chasing after a specific one that’s been on our bucket list for years. So when I first heard a friend of mine mention the Ultimate Waterfowl Challenge it made me think to myself, finally a challenge for duck and goose hunters that is definitely an extraordinary achievement.

I began my membership late into the 15-16 season with around 4 weeks left of the regular season, each new species that I have been blessed to harvest has been such and excitement to be able to register it and check it off my list. The challenge has also pushed me to open my horizons to all types of waterfowl hunting and I’m more than anxious to try my luck on sea ducks at the UWC Destination 7: New England Sea Ducks in December of 2016. I can also say after spending a week at Destination 5: Nebraska Spring Snows, that Dan knows how to pick world class guide services, I am already planning on this trip again.

Overall, if you’re looking for a little extra excitement to your hunting season I highly recommend joining in on the challenge and start your way on to all 41!

Ryan Scott
Member # WF-000-265

james_faulk_jrI am sixty one years old now and by the grace of the Lord I have been fortunate to hunt and fish all over our great nation and several parts of the world. I recently went on a hunt in January 2016 to St. Paul Island, Alaska for the Hunt of a lifetime. Before I left for the hunt my friend introduced me to The Ultimate Waterfowlers Challenge. I immediately became a Gold Member of the Challenge. All the other hunting groups have the Deer- Turkey- Sheep Slam, now we have the Ultimate Waterfowl Slam. I am very excited about the fact we have a goal to reach in waterfowl hunting. The St. Paul hunt was the most extreme waterfowl hunting I have experienced to date. With forty mile and hour winds and eight foot seas it was very difficult to shoot at passing birds but we got our limit of Kings.

Now I know why they call them the King. I am so excited about completing the Slam of the forty one waterfowl species, I have booked two hunts from The UWC Adventures “Great 8” for the 2016 season and booking two more hunts for the 2017 season. I think if you are a true and dedicated waterfowler you should join The Ultimate Waterfowlers Challenge. I look forward to meeting some of my UWC colleges in a blind, in the future.

James Faulk Jr
Member # WF-000-267
North Carolina

When I first noticed the Ultimate Waterfowlers Challenge, I thought immediately what a great idea! It should help spur more young people into the sport, which seems to be declining in numbers annually, according to duck stamp sales. My first thought was how I wished this had come about years ago, since I had already taken all but three of the 41 in many years of chasing these wonderful birds. In my 77th year, I thought how much fun it would have been to have an organization to record these accomplishments and even keep score for me, as I traveled the world chasing waterfowl, particularly ducks. But after reading through the site, and identifying how thoughtful and well organized the idea had become, I said to myself, “Why not give it a try?” At my age, it will certainly be interesting, and it might just be the motivation I have always needed to add the harlequin, Barrow’s goldeneye and King Eider to my personal list. In fact, why not start all over again and see if I can do it in the time I have left, before the body begins to react to the unkindness’s I have put it though. Many friends have asked me when am I going to grow up and hang my waders up for good. I just grin and tell them that as long as I have great young friends who are willing to help drag me out there and drag me back, I’m going to follow my passion and continue to endure the cold and discomfort. Nothing puts a bigger grin on this old mug than the thought of going duck hunting, so I joined the Challenge, and look forward to every new adventure it opens for me. Although, I am, and have been for more than 25 years, an outdoor travel booking agent, I’m looking forward to signing up for several of the Great Eight adventures this coming season! Since I entered the challenge, I have added the Barrow’s goldeneye, and started my planning to pass phase two of the challenge, on the way to full accomplishment. I am an enthusiast for the program, and have already started recruiting many of my young friends and hunting pals to follow suit. I congratulate Dan and his team for implementing a wonderful idea, and for adding a new enthusiasm to this old geezer!

Don Terrell
Member # WF-000-504
South Carolina

russ_freehlingI joined the Ultimate Waterfowlers Challenge this last Fall, and have really enjoyed the "trophy" hunting aspect of the sport all over again. Truth be told, I have mounts of several species of the Challenge already, as I always mount the first of any drake that I harvest. I find that by "re-collecting" these trophies and registering them with the UWC, it adds new memories to the previous memory of each bird collected.

I enjoy the process so much, I bought my son a UWC membership for Christmas, and now we both enjoy the experience together! We have already booked a goose hunt this Spring in Nebraska from the UWC Great Eight Hunting Adventures, and we plan on booking other hunts through the UWC in the future.

Being a member of the Ultimate Waterfowlers Challenge has been a lot of fun and also a very rewarding experience. It's a great way to document the hunting milestones of a hunting career. My son and I look forward to all the hunting adventures that lay ahead of us in the future as we continue to harvest/register the many beautiful waterfowl species!

Russ Freehling
Member # WF-000-261

russ_freehling_jrI first heard about UWC from my Dad, Russ Freehling SR. He was telling me about all of the adventures that UWC promotes, as well as all the different types of species that one could hope to harvest while on these trips.

Before long Dad was a Gold Lifetime Member of the UWC, and the challenge was on! I had so much fun while in the blind with Dad trying to help him bag his drakes to qualify for the challenge, that he gave me the gift of a Gold Lifetime Membership of the UWC for Christmas, so that we could complete the challenge together.

We recently went to Nebraska Destination #5 Spring Snows, our first UWC hunt, and couldn't be any happier with the results. The hunting was fantastic, and the guide service was top notch. To top it off both Dad and I were able to record three birds for our challenge (Snow, Blue, and Ross), and I was able to achieve the level of Master Hunter. Of course Dad was able to accomplish the level of Master Hunter about five weeks earlier!

Both Dad and I now have something new to look forward to everyday we head out to the blind, hoping that today may be the day that we can harvest a new species for our challenge, and getting to do it together is priceless. Thank you UWC.

Russell Freehling JR
Member # WF-000-264

brandon_crowleyBecoming a member of the Ultimate Waterfowlers Challenge has created memories that will truly last a lifetime. Instead of focusing strictly on the Mississippi flyway and targeting local puddle and diver ducks, I’ve had the opportunity to experience sea ducks off the coast of New England, Mottled Ducks in Florida and Tundra Swans in North Dakota.

The challenge has elevated my tactics and now brings meaning to the specific species that I’m targeting. Be prepared to hunt places you’ve never been, experience birds you’ve never seen and build friendships that will last a lifetime.

I encourage every solemn waterfowler to take the Ultimate Waterfowlers Challenge!

Brandon Crowley
Member # WF-000-003

miranda_uwcMy name is Miranda Simpson. I am twelve years old and live in the mountains of Colorado. I have been tagging along with my dad on hunting trips for as long as I can remember and started carrying my own gun four seasons ago, after passing my hunter safety course. Taking the Ultimate Waterfowler’s Challenge has been a great experience! I love to hunt waterfowl and the quest to harvest different species has made it even more fun. It has made me more selective and more aware of what kind of bird I’m shooting at, and it gives me incentive to keep hunting even when it’s tough. This has been a difficult season with not many birds in our usual spots and bitter cold temperatures but the chance to reach “Master Waterfowl Hunter” kept me going. I took my fifteenth species, a Ringneck, when it was twenty-six degrees below zero. As my dad and I continued to hunt for that elusive fifteenth species I came to realize that while the challenge may be to harvest as many species as possible the result is making memories that will last a lifetime!

Miranda Simpson
UWC Member # WF-000-065

dan_uwcThe UWC Challenge has reinvigorated my passion for the sport of waterfowl hunting. Now every time I shoot a different species of duck, it feels like the first time all over again! It has truly enhanced each and every day I spend in the field.

The UWC Challenge has taken me to places of the country I would never have gone. I have since had the opportunity to shoot Sea ducks on the ocean in New England, I have hunt Mottled ducks in the Florida Everglades, I even shot a massive 21 pound Tundra swan in North Dakota! It has created memories that will last a lifetime. I highly recommend to every SERIOUS waterfowl hunter- Sign up for the challenge today, you won’t regret it!

Dan Wennerlind
Member # WF-000-001

denny_uwcAs an avid waterfowl hunter, I’ve hunted both coasts, Canada and Mexico. The Ultimate Waterfowl Challenge has brought a new and exciting interest to harvesting a specific species. Now I’m more interested in what will be my next waterfowl species harvested, to get to the next challenge level, rather than hunting the same location and species on every hunt.

Denny Ackmann
Member # WF-000-038